Sohos Famous Italian Deli And Pasta Restaurant Lina Stores London Restaurants

I love when I come across classic Italian restaurants, those that are known as my favorite places. Those places are those that I trust to deliver what they promise and deliver it. I had never expected such quality service from a restaurant.

One thing I must mention is that the kitchen staff was really good. They did not charge me extra for any instructions or for extra help. They did not leave me hanging. I could tell that they put a lot of effort in.

I have read many reviews of these restaurants and I have found that the food of those restaurants, which I have read, have to be compared to other popular ones. The only difference in the quality of the food, is that some of them serve food cooked by hand. They are not machine-cooked and then served in plates. I have also heard of many customers that they disliked their meat in that restaurant.

So, I came to know that the Famous Restaurant uses wood-fired ovens and does not use hot plates. Now, if you are into Italian food and do not like the oiliness of the food, you will not like Sohos Famous Italian Deli and Pasta Restaurant.

I enjoyed my food items and I must say that I did not find the fried fish and the chips as tasteless. They were just delicious and I would surely return again for more. My only concern would be that the portion size was too small.

Sohos Famous Italian Deli and Pasta Restaurant are opening in Kings Cross. This restaurant will be situated at the Queen Victoria Building on the corner of Broad Street and Piccadilly. This is a prime location, boasting-street parking for the cars.

I have been to this restaurant twice now. I would like to tell you more about this restaurant and its decor.

When I was there earlier, the employees were polite and nice, welcoming everyone with a warm smile. I did not expect to feel that kind of welcome while dining at the Sohos Famous Italian Deli and Pasta Restaurant. The staff was very attentive to check the table’s orders and was very attentive in taking care of the table.

For me, the best thing about this restaurant is the atmosphere of the restaurant. As you enter this restaurant, you would feel that you are right in the middle of the famous Italian restaurant. You would not feel that you are in the middle of an average restaurant.

The walls are painted in red and the red of the Italian flag and the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling look great. The decor in this restaurant is very cozy and relaxed. It looks like you have never been in an Italian lina stores london.

There is also a small bar inside the restaurant where you can relax and drink. There is also a dining room with soft couches for two. I have also heard that Sohos Famous Italian Deli and Pasta Restaurant offer private dining on weekdays for those who want to dine with family and friends.

I hope you liked this Sohos Lina Stores Restaurant Review. You will surely love to dine at this Italian restaurant. after eating there, you will not regret in visiting this Italian restaurant.